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EFC Guidelines

Any member who brings or sends a nanny to the club (other than for pick up and drop off) must fill out the Nanny Form to enroll/update your nanny information.

EFC Nanny Form

All members are expected to adhere to the club's guest policy (see below) which applies to extended family members, nannies and babysitters.

Guest Policy

  • A full or seasonal member may invite any non-member to enjoy the club facilities, but no more than twice in one month not to exceed six times a year. Plus no more than nine guests at one time per member unit.

  • Guest(s) must be accompanied by a member and be signed-in immediately.

  • Failure to promptly register your guest will result in a penalty fee in addition to the guest fees.

  • Guest fees are charged whenever a guest utilizes the club's athletic facilities including the pool, tennis/paddle/squash courts, bowling alley, and ice rink except in the case of a club rental or a club function for which a fee has already been charged.

  • A daily weekday guest fee of $7.50 per guest/$15.00 per family or a daily weekend guest fee of $12.50 per guest/$25.00 per family shall be charged to the member's account.

  • Guest fees/visit limits do not pertain to guests invited only to dine with a member.

  • Guest guidelines/fees apply to extended family members, babysitters, and nannies/caregivers who are non-members.

  • Members must fill out/update a Nanny Form and shall be charged annual fee for their nanny/caregiver.

  • Babysitters must be signed in as a guest if they are not covered by the nanny rule.